Cultural Diversity Week 2018




Communities of Burma/Myanmar Artisan Craft Exhibition

An exhibition of baskets woven from bamboo using traditional Karen techniques by 'Bamboo Man' from the Wyndham Community Education Centre, along with traditional weaving by local Karen, Karenni and Chin weavers.

The Karen, Karenni and Chin people are ethnic groups who originate from Burma (Myanmar) in South-East Asia.

Exhibition runs Friday 16 March to Thursday 29 March

Weaving Demonstration

Join the artisans in the gallery for demonstrations of traditional Burmese bamboo and cotton weaving. 

Tuesday 20 March, 11am-Noon in Joel Gallery


Spirit of Place - Glenn Murcutt and the Australian Islamic Centre

Join us for the screening of Catherine Hunter's documentary about architect Glenn Murcutt and his work on the Australian Islamic Centre in Newport.

Come along to watch this documentary and enrich your knowledge and understanding of the architect and the community story behind the Australian Islamic Centre mosque.

When: Thursday 22 March, 7.30pm-9pm

This is a free event. Everybody is welcome.