Barbara McNeill

Exhibition 1 - 5 May

"How did I start? Well, my mother was an artist of enormous talent, and although I could never approach her level, I always did enjoy fooling around with pencils and paints, mainly doing what I call "shadow pictures" in black and white, i.e. drawing only the shadows and just a hint of outlines to allow the viewers' own minds to fill in the pics for themselves. I'm now considering doing this in collage, which will be a real challenge!

I started collage when recovering from a major operation for cancer and subsequent chemo- doing these painstaking pictures enabled me to focus on happiness instead of illness, and contributed towards recovery. Retirement and better health has meant more time to improve my pics, now that I no longer get fatigued, and can use my hands with dexterity. It also means finally using the waste papers which have piled up like Mt Everest!" - Barbara McNeill