Launch Friday 10 June 7pm

Exhibition 6 June to 16 June

Being a student from the Australian Academy of Design has taught me a lot about art and about myself. It has opened up my mind to what’s out there and that there is so much to explore.  When one of my tutors showed me a documentary on the artist Gerhard Ritcher, I was captured by the way he worked with paint in such an abstract and spontaneous way and I really wanted to try that out for myself. Creating these pieces of works really makes me think of my different colour palettes and the technique of spreading the paint across the canvas, to create that abstract, blending look that they have. I want people to interpret what they see in their own way, another reason why I love this technique; people can see whatever they want. From these paintings I am still taking them further and digging deeper into the abstract expressionism movement.


Jordyn Parker