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2017 LJACC Community Survey

Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre would like to have a better understanding of the programs, activities and events that will meet the needs and interests of our community.

You can share your ideas about the types of programs and events you would be interested in HERE.


Drawing and Watercolour Workshops with Rosie Marshall

As a part of her 'Narrative Pictures' exhibition, Rosie Marshall is faciliatating a series of workshops and events at Louis Joel.

The sessions are an opportunity to learn more about the techniques and processes Rosie uses to create her enchanting artworks. The drawing and watercolour workshops will enable participants to try different methods, techniques and applications of the mediums.  


Narrative Pictures – An Exhibition of Works by Local Illustrator Rosie Marshall.

Exhibition launch on Friday 23 June at 7pm

Australian illustrator Rosie Marshall employs both traditional and innovative methods in her work, using manual lead pencil drawings, watercolours and digital painting techniques to produce her enchanting illustrations.  

Rosie was artist in residency at Healesville Sanctuary and a key theme running through her work is the preservation of natural flora and fauna. The works in this exhibition are inspired by realist painter Kate Bergin, animator John Lounsbery and watercolourist Elizabeth Tyler.

Exhibition open Saturday 24 June to Friday 7 July. 


Nourish Our Community Garden 

The Nourish Garden Project at Louis Joel has been launched and our back garden has transformed into an edible garden which includes raised garden beds, fruit trees, herb gardens, water tank, a pizza oven and BBQ area. 

We worked with Djerriwarrh Community and Education Services and Salvation Army EPlus on this work for the dole project which saw12 people employed for two days a week for six months. Additional funds from Hobsons Bay City Council were received through their community grants program which gave us the funding to keep planting and growing. 

The garden supplements our 'Kings of The Kitchen' program which provides cooking classes for men each Wednesday.  The program uses vegetables supplied by Community Foodlink.   After the men have cooked their meal they enjoy sharing their own recipes with each other.

Nourish Garden continues to grow and to produce wonderful vegetables, unusual fruit and lots of herbs. Drop in to see how they are flourishing and to see if these 'wicking' beds would suit your garden.



Altona Hospital I Was Born There

Louis Joel Arts and Community has started a project called “Altona Hospital I Was Born There” commemorating the importance of the Altona Hospital to the Hobsons Bay area.   There will be a series of events in commemoration of the 80th year anniversary of the Altona Hospital as well as the 10th anniversary of Louis Joel Arts and Community.  An exhibition of hospital photos and memorabilia was held in the Joel Gallery.  There is also an Altona Hospital I Was Born There Facebook page where we have been posting photos and hearing peoples stories.  We are also looking for anyone who is interested in telling their stories.  If you have a story please email it to us at .

At the end of the project in late 2017 there will be a book produced in cooperation with Altona Laverton Historical Society which will be available for purchase. A list of people born at the Hospital will feature on the Altona Laverton Historical Society's website - if you or anyone you know was born at the Hospital, send us the name, name at birth and just the year in which they were born.  For further details please ring the Centre on 9398 2511 or visit the Altona Hospital I Was Born There Facebook page.