Our Values

Our Vision
To be a unique Arts and Community Centre.


Mission Statement
To provide a dynamic and vibrant community owned and managed multi functional meeting place that encompasses a broad range of social enterprises supporting arts, community information, recreational and cultural services to Hobsons Bay.


Our Values
Trust                   We build trust by ensuring that our programs, events and initiatives support and meet the                                            growing needs of our community.

Integrity              The Board and Management work openly and ethically.

Respect               We respect all members of our community.

Support               We support creativity, self-determination and collaboration.

Diversity              We recognise and encourage our diverse community in everything we do.

Ingenuity             We are committed to creating new ideas and innovative solutions.

Connectivity        Our place and people connect our communities through listening, leading, sharing and creating.

Empathy              We treat people with kindness, compassion and support.