Arts & Community Internships




Internships for young people aged 18 to 25 interested in working in the creative or community sectors.


This program is designed to help you get the skills and experience you need to find work in the areas of the arts and/or community development. Internships are project-based, with each intern supported to develop and deliver an arts and/or community development project. Interns will have access to a project budget to enable them to bring their project idea to life.


Who Can Apply

This program is open to people who:

  • are aged 18 to 25 years old
  • live, work or recreate in Hobsons Bay
  • are unemployed or underemployed 


The project component of our internship program is about supporting you to develop and deliver a project that gives you the opportunity to develop the specific skills and experience needed for the job/career you want. 

As such, there is no right or wrong in terms of projects, but ideally they will be of benefit to the Hobsons Bay community.

Some examples include: 

  • creating opportunities for people to come together and connect 

  • raising awareness or taking action on an issue 

  • creating a platform for emerging artists to share their work

  • providing opportunities for community members to gain new skills

  • producing a publication such as community newspaper, collection of stories etc...

If you don't have a firm project idea that's okay. In this case, please tell us about your interests and passions, any issues that matter to you and any things you think it would be great to see in the local community.

Our focus at Louis Joel Arts & Community is the arts and community development. While we provide a range of services to our community, this internship program is seeking interns wishing to work in and deliver a project in the areas of the arts and/or community development. 


Program Fundamentals

  • We have three internships available, running consecutively from September 2021 to Dec 2022
  • Internships are for a period of 12 weeks working 1 day per week 
  • Interns will be receive $1100 over the internship to cover costs of participating
  • Inters have a $1000 budget to bring a creative/community project to life.

Further Information

If you would like more information or have questions please call us on 9398 2511.


How to Apply

1. Follow the link below to complete an application form 

2. Email a copy of your resume to with the subject line: Internship Application [NAME]    (eg: Internship Application ANDREW SMITH)





Download Internship Flyer


This program is supported by Australian Communities Foundation and Hobsons Bay Community Fund and Hobsons Bay Creative City.