Repair Cafe Hobsons Bay



Got an item that needs repairing? Bring it along to Repair Café Hobsons Bay.  


2022 Repair Cafe Dates

Saturday  5 February 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 5 March 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 2 April 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 7 May 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 11 June 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 9 July 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 6 August 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 3 September 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 1 October 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 12 November 12pm—2.30pm

Saturday 10 December 12pm—2.30pm

If you would like to attend a repair session, please email us at A limited number of repair bookings for each session are available at each session. Email us at or telephone 9398 2511.




Do you have skills in repairing, enjoy tinkering or are you interested in learning repair skills?


Join the cafe as a volunteer! Repair Café Hobsons Bay is a space to share your skills in repairing and mending items to keep them out of landfill and give them a new lease on life!

Key items that are brought in for repair are electrical items, electronics, clothing & textiles, toys, bikes, furniture, crockery.


Support Volunteers

If you are interested in learning to repair, you are welcome to come along the day to provide support and sit in while items get repaired. There's lots of things to do on the day including supporting the community to register and explaining how the event works, taking pictures to capture successful repairs, chatting to community members that come along and generally adding to the buzz on the day. 


Louis Joel Arts & Community thanks the Australian Government's Communities Environment Program for its support of this project.