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Creating Modern Icons - Drawings with Gold Leaf with Frantz Kantor’s Tooniversity

Embark on a creative journey like no other with our 10-week art course, "Creating Modern Icon Drawings with Gold Leaf." This unique course combines the traditional art of drawing with the luxurious touch of gold leaf embellishments, resulting in stunning and captivating artworks. Throughout the course, participants will delve into the realm of fantasy characters and animals, learning how to bring these mystical beings to life on paper. From majestic dragons to enchanting fairies, each creation will be elevated to a new level of elegance and sophistication through the use of gold leaf accents.

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, students will explore various techniques for incorporating gold leaf into their drawings, mastering the art of gilding to add a touch of opulence and brilliance to their artwork. From learning how to apply gold leaf seamlessly to experimenting with different textures and effects, participants will develop a deep understanding of this ancient art form. Not only will students hone their technical skills, but they will also unleash their creativity as they infuse their drawings with a sense of magic and wonder. By combining the allure of fantasy with the richness of gold leaf, participants will create iconic artworks that are sure to mesmerize and inspire.

Join us for this transformative 10-week art course and discover the beauty and allure of creating modern icon drawings with gold leaf. Unleash your imagination, elevate your artistic skills, and immerse yourself in a world where fantasy meets luxury in a dazzling display of creativity.

Tuesday 7 May to Tuesday 9 July, 7pm to 9pm (10 weeks)



Sewing 101

Embark on an 8-week sewing journey led by expert instructor Amanda L.

Explore the art of stitching with hands-on lessons covering sewing machine skills, overlocking, fabric exploration and crafting chic tote bags and zipper purses. From garment repairs to creating your own t-shirt, this sewing course combines essential skills with creative projects. Unleash your sewing potential with us!

Over the 8 weeks you will: 

Learn how to use a sewing machine including setting up the machine, straight stitching, decorative stitch and threading a bobbin.
Create a scrunchie
Create a zippered purse
Learn about reading sewing patterns and learn about materials
Sew a Tshirt (introduction to using an overlocker)
Sew a Bucket Hat
Weeks 6-8 sew a garment the class decides on.
You are encouraged to bring along your sewing machine to learn on if you have one and it is in working order.

Mondays 6.15pm to 8.15pm | 15 April to 3 June (8 weeks)

$220 or $180 concession (plus cost of materials and tools extra $50; not included in the booking).