Our Values

Our Vision

We believe communities in Hobsons Bay will be interconnected, vibrant, resilient and will express their creativity and culture through the arts.

Our Purpose

Through partnerships with Council, artists and the community, we deliver a vibrant arts and cultural program that supports community wellbeing. We are committed to providing an accessible and inclusive space –including a public gallery – with an environment for connection, creative exploration, experimentation, presentation and opportunities for social enterprise.

Our Values

We operate in accordance with four key values that define all aspects of our work and our approach (RECS). We demonstrate these values in our work with each other, the way in which we work with the community, and the way in which we govern our organisation.


We honour the rights, privacy, dignity and diversity of our community and recognise the intrinsic value of every person.


We seek to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of communities through embracing opportunities to collaborate and grow.



We connect our community and through those connections, create a sense of belonging and increased wellbeing.


Our operations encompass all aspects of environmental and business sustainability to ensure long-term viability as a community asset and the preservation of the natural environment.



HBCAC is committed to minimising its impact on the environment through

  • Providing a smoke free and safe and healthy workplace 
  • Having an environmental sustainability aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood 
  • Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in its community 
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling 
  • Using, in its own operations, processes that minimise adverse effects on the environment 
  • Ensuring the responsible use of energy throughout the organisation 
  • Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and understanding 
  • Taking steps to improve environmental performance 
  • Where possible working with suppliers who promote sound environmental practices 
  • Enhancing awareness among its employees, volunteers, and users - educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner